Star Wars theme park opening in Paris...

bad-franceI guess when they were rapping about N's in Paris, Kanye and HOVA meant nerds...

As if you needed more reason to hate the French…

For weeks rumor has been circulating the nerd blogs about a Star Wars themed amusement park going up in Disneyland Paris.

Rumor that now seems to have been confirmed.

The Disney and More blog has confirmed that Disneyland Paris would indeed be receiving a Star Wars themed park when it updates the Star Tours ride later this year. The “land” (as Disney likes to refer to its parts) would be a “fuller Star Wars experience” for the park goer, complete with an updated Star Tours ride and Jedi Academy, a bevy of Star Wars themed stores to separate more of your money from you, and a Mos Isle Cantina and restaurant (complete, I’m sure, with bug eyes band playing the same song over and over and over again for the rest of time).


No word yet as to completion time for the expansion, just that the Imagineers have being their imagining.

This move should not come to anyone as a shock, as neither George Lucas nor the good people at Disney seem to have any sort of moral conundrum about coming up with new and various ways of separating you from your money.

And this one will make a fuck load.

Since opening the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at its Orlando parks, Universal Studios has reported a 29% increase in its food, beverage, and merchandise sales.

And that’s Harry Potter… a mere children’s book.

We are talking Star Wars here… a freaking religion to most people.


There’s probably four virgins dressed like Jawas already camped out in apprehension of this park open.