Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: WolverineWe are torn... emotionally torn as a reviewer and fan boy over what to say about X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the latest in the Marvel movie line of the legendary comic book series and the first shot from Hollywood of the Summer Movie season.  We, the Constitutional Movie Review staff, would like to say that this movie is flawless in every way and that we can die as happy men as Hollywood makes its attempt at giving Wolverine (and Hugh Jackman) center stage to showcase what a little bad attitude and adimantium can do for a movie.  We really would...

But alas, nothing made by man can be perfect, and while this movie has a bunch of things in its corner, in the end it is as imperfect as them who made it.  Let's take a look:

The Good:

  • Hugh Jackman, poised to scratch and claw from Broadway to Action hero- The film is fast paced and jams a lot of action into its 107 minute run time. This is a must, as the fast a movie goes, the less glaring the flaws are.
  • - Jackman and co-star Liev Schreiber deliver credible action performances as the anti-heroes of this tale. Also, a very strong supporting cast (featuring Will.I.Am and the dreamy Ryan Reynolds).
  • - Visually, the movie is rather strong with some very good effects and make up work.
  • - A nice and violent escape scene where an naked, wet, and slightly oiled up Wolverine slices and dices his way out of the Weapon X facility.
  • - Lots and lots of mutant power battles... which is the whole reason for going to see this flick to begin with!

The Not so Good:

  • - While the effects, for the most part, are really good there is a glaring flaw that plagues the movie throughout... Wolverine's adimantium claws at times look like they belong in Toontown more than they do in the Marvel Universe. It might seem like I am nit picking with this bitch, but trust me... it is hard not to notice in a few of the close up shots just how off putting the claws look.
  • - While the acting was good throughout, there is something not right about taking good characters, like Deadpool and Gambit, and kind of shoehorn them into a film. I understand that the main idea of the film is to have Wolverine settle old family business with his "brother" Vincent Creed/Sabretooth but Ryan Reynolds.  The only way he could be dreamier is if American blood coursed through his veins...if you take the time to cast Ryan Reynolds (and his abs) in to a flick, the least you would expect is for there to be more to his performance than what they show you in the commercial. It's like your grrlfriend promising you anal and finding you it will be you who takes the shaft. In the case of Gambit, it is a little more frustrating as he got the Vemon treatment (made famous in Spiderman 3, where the noted Marvel villain was relegated to henchman role, as the Sandman got more attention and Kristen Dunst's horrific song and dance number in the middle of the flick assumed the role of actual villain in that film).
  • - The fact that the film takes place in Canadia is really not a negative in the sense that it took away from the flick, though the fact that the love story portion of the film (the Achilles' Heal of any good comic book movie) takes place in Canadia does contribute to the boringness factor of that part of the flick.

The Verdict:

Yes it is true... this movie is not going to change the world, blow up anyone's skirt, or generate any Oscar buzz.  But what it will do is take a little over an hour and a half of your life and make it pass by in a very enjoyable manner.  Of course there are problems with this film, but who cares.  This movie isn't trying to be more than what it is (and fast paced film about uber violent super mutants), and it is in that that the movie saves itself.  It does not try to be like The Punisher or Daredevil and take itself more serious than it should.  It is what it is, and the film never seems to try and waver from that.

So, if what you came here for is to find out as to whether or not I think you should see it, go for it.  It is more of a matinee kind of flick, but should you have to pay full price for it, you won't complain too much.  A comics aficionado will find some things lacking from the flick, but not so much that suicide starts looking more and more likely.  There is enough action to keep any warm blooded male interested and enough man candy to keep any woman's attention.  Overall, the Weekly Constitutional is giving this flick a very exciting 3.5 stars.  It's a good popcorn flick and just the kind of movie the summer season calls for.


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