Review: Star Trek

Star Trek, rated PG-13Space... the final frontier.  This is the maiden voyage of the reboot of Star Trek being brought to us by J.J. Abrams.  The most anticipated film of the summer season, the relaunch of Star Trek had fans of the original series (and its subsequent extensions made thereafter) worried that the stories that they love (and that some have based their entire life around) would be washed away by the new take Hollywood would take on the beloved franchise.  To be truthful, speaking as two die hard Star Wars fans, there would be nothing more pleasing than to say to you Trekkies (and to the rest of you reading this) that Star Trek is a horrific pile of science fiction crap suitable for having been a Vin Diesel vehicle.  There really would not be...

But alas we cannot.  Visually stunning, well acted, and with a compelling story to boot, Star Trek is as solid a film as we have seen all year.  In the film, J.J. Abrams attempts to not to reboot the original Star Trek series so much as take the beloved characters and themes from the original television program and films and breathe a fresh new life and direction to the work.  The film follows the rise of James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and Commander Spock (Zackary Quinto) as they leave the Starfleet academy and assume their first positions on board the Enterprise.  But while on a rescue mission on the Planet Vulcan, the young crew of the Enterprise gets a "trial by fire" as they encounter an angry Romulen cap'n (Nero, played by Eric Bana) bent on settling a score with the Federation.

So how does the film score?

The Good:

  • - The visual effects are mind blowing. Much like Star Wars did in 1977, Star Trek revolutionizes the special effects game, giving the viewer something they have never seen before. It is a true experience seeing this film in the theater.
  • Chris Pine as Cap'n Kirk- The cast was perfect, with the actors paying enough homage to the source material so that the average movie-goer would know which character is being introduced to the film. The dreamy Chris Pine is outstanding as "Cap'n James T. Kirk", simultaneously injecting himself into the role while channeling enough of the Shattner charm to make the whole thing work. Zachary Quinto's interpretation of "Spock" is inspired- eerily seeming to "become" Leonard Nimoy at times. The rest of the USS Enterprise's crew is also perfectly casted (notable mention goes to Anton Yelchin's "Chekov", which steals scenes he is in), as they hail back to the original series and breathe new life into the classic characters.
  • - The movie is the perfect summer movie. Enough action to keep one at the edge of their seat while not becoming some mindless action flick. The film is cheesy, but not to the point where it becomes annoying. There is plenty of shtick from the original series, but not so much that the flick becomes a parody of itself. Star Trek manages to not take itself serious while at the same time not becoming a mockery of itself. The film is fairly heavy handed with the Geek stuff. Lots and lots of sci-fi mentions throughout the film, while not getting bogged down in the "science" of it all.

The Not So Good:

  • Eric Bana as Nero- The previews before the film starts, as they delay the movie from starting.
  • - All kidding aside, this film really does not have any flaws. If I really had to nitpick, I guess it would be that at times the film's shtick gets a little worn on the viewer. But nowhere near enough to deter anyone from going to see this movie. Besides... a little bad shtick never killed anyone.

The Verdict:

To be honest with you, I am still shocked you are still reading this.  You need to go out right now and see this movie.  You are to see this movie and as soon as you walk out of the theater, kill yourself... because there is no way that there is ever going to anything else that is going to stack up to this film.

Boldly going to make a hundred million dollars opening weekend...If you need us to spell it out for you, here goes: GO SEE THIS FREAKING MOVIE!!!  Don't steal it from the internet.  Don't wait for it to come out on DVD.  You get off your lazy ass, drop ten bucks on a ticket, and go see this movie.  We would hate to come off as overly dramatic or anything but something tells us that if you do not go see this movie your life will be forever lacking something.  Five star film- do not miss it!!!  This is the perfect summer season flick and this generation's Star Wars.


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