bruno-movie-poster-1In 2006, Sacha Baron Cohen shocked the world as he brought forth Borat, a wildly popular character from his hit HBO series The Ali G Show.  The film, a road trip comedy about a reporter from Kazakhstan coming to America to figure out how to make his nation great, became an international success and turned Cohen (or should we say Borat) into a household name.  But no one thought that the guerilla comedy that Borat so successfully pulled off would be capable of happening again (especially now that the nation was in on the joke).  But then came Bruno.

In Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen brings forth the same road trip formula as he did in Borat.  Only this time, instead of being a backward, anti-Semitic foreigner struggling to find Pamela Anderson and the reason why America is great Sacha Baron Cohen stars as Bruno- an over the top disgraced euro trashy fashionista heading to America in order to become the world's biggest gay celebrity.  So does Cohen strike gold a second time?  Or is Bruno destined to be the brown dot on the "i" that is SBG's career.  Let's see just how Bruno measured up...

The Good:

sacha_baron_cohen_1351849- Sacha Baron Cohen is a brilliant comedic actor.  He plays the movie straight (no pun intended) while placing unsuspecting people in extremely outrageous situations, never cracking a smile or breaking character in the least.  While uncommon for the Academy to give acknowledgement for work in a comedy may be, there is hope that this time around Cohen's talents will finally be given the accolades that they so deserve (after all, Oscar does love the Gays...).

Also, props to the various examples of wasted human life that America that act as the fuel to Cohen's flaming antagonist.

-The movie is exactly what you expect and at no time does it fail to deliver.  From the credit to the final fade to black, Bruno brings one jaw dropping scene after another.  As difficult as it may have been to do, Bruno manages to be more shocking and over the top than Borat.

- For those of you who find nothing funnier than seeing male genitalia... this is your movie.

The Not So Good:

- If you are a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen's brand of humor, there is little to complain about with this movie.  It delivers on the majority of its gags (and the ones that fall flat, so not miss the mark by all that much).

But this is not a movie for everyone...

The movie is gayer than eight guys blowing nine guys, with Cohen's ultra flaming Bruno pushing his shtick further and further as the movie plays out.  Those easily offended by homosexual humor, grab assery, male full frontal nudity, gay sex, child abuse, anti-Semitism, and general social awkwardness might want to sit this dance out.

The Verdict:

brunoOverall, this is a solid adult comedy.  Very offensive, daring, and (most of the time) side splittingly hysterical- Bruno is worth the watch.  While not as consistent with the funny as Borat, Bruno manages to hold its own.  Much funnier than The Hangover (and this is not a debatable point, frat boy douches who think The Hangover is the greatest film ever made), Bruno is the most daring and entertaining comedy of the summer (maybe even of 2009).  But it is not for everyone, as at times the movie goes a bit too far in pushing the envelope leaving the viewer disturbed from what they have just seen.  But, as we stated earlier, if Cohen's brand of homoerotic shtick is something you can get behind, then this film will not leave you disappointed.

Now, for the rating...

Bruno is a first for us.  While usually Rafa and I agree on the films we watch, this one left us at a slight impasse.  We both agree that the film is very good, clocking in a very impressive 4.25 flushes (with Rafa giving the film a 4 and Gabe giving it a 4.5 because he is a sick fuck who thinks that there is nothing funnier than penis in a movie).    But Rafa found the film disturbing and unsettling, some of the homosexual humor going a tad bit too far for him (his main complaint was in regards to the endless attention given to the penis), while Gabe found himself able to compartmentalize all the male nudity and homosexual sex (because it is fake, duh...).

So to review:  Bruno is a strong 4.25 flusher, and worth going to check it out as soon as possible.


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