Orphan advocasy groups pissed at Orphan movie...

orphan-posterQuick everyone... look!!!  Yet another special interest group is using an entertainment medium in order to make it all about them (and maybe score a few sheckles out of their discomfort).  The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute has some real issues with the yet to be released film Orphan, and would really like for Warner Bros. to make them whole.

In a letter (an open letter, I might add, since I have quotes from said letter) to Warner Bros. Chief Executive Barry Meyer ,11 child right and adoption groups (hence- coalition) claimed:

"We are concerned that in addition to its intended entertainment value, this film will have the unintended effect of skewing public opinion against children awaiting families both in the United States and abroad."

orphan_movie_imageThey go on to claim that a movie about an evil orphan that begins to terrorize her adopted family is not going to entertain people, but will also make anyone who watches the movie that might have been considering adopting a kid rethink their choice (because, you know, everyone believes everything that they see in horror movies...), and that the only way for Warner Bros. to make things right with the estimated 129,000 children in America as well as the millions (... and millions) of orphan children all over the world is to give the groups that do so much for them a taste.

For their part, Warner Bros has claimed that they had no intention to hurt the chances of orphans in finding good homes and that in the end the film is nothing more than a form of entertainment and that no one should take it seriously.  The film studio also offered to put a PSA at the end of the film when they release it to DVD.

white-mom-and-baby-300x219Of course, the gigantic elephant in the room is the sad reality of orphans on this country (and around the world for that matter).  See, if you are not trying to find a happy home for a freshly hatched white baby then you may as well put the little unwanted mistake into a burlap sack and toss it into the Gulf of Mexico cause the odds of it finding its way into a real home are minuscule (unless, of course, if it is Madonna or the Jolie who is looking to pick a kid in which all said child has to do is go with a formal gown).  No movie, especially a horror movie that will not crack the top ten in the box office tots for its opening weekend (which is next week, for the three of you who are actually thinking about seeing this film), is going to make the hard knock lives of those parentless children any better nor any worse.


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