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District 9 movie posterIn a summer where movie goers have been wondering if there is any original thought left in Hollywood, Peter Jackson unleashes to the world an epic take on the tired concept of the invasion film.  Violent, gritty, and completely unique, District 9 promises to give the movie going public an innovative and very different looking alien invasion film. 

In writer/director Neill Blompkamp's District 9, a different view of an alien invasion is presented.  Now we are not going to blow up the plot too much in this review, but we can tell you as much as has been learned through watching the trailer.  For 25 years, aliens have been stranded on Earth.  large_district 9Not sure as to what to do with the unwanted 'visitors', the world's governments have the aliens rounded up and housed in a ghetto in the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Afrika.  But as popular sentiment over the alien housing (and the alien population in general) begins to change, the private company in charge of managing the alien refugees undertakes the task of moving to a more reasonable location (think "final solution).

A hefty undertaking, no?  Let's see how things have shaken out.

The Good

  • - The concept behind the film as well as the script is not only completely original but at times seems as if come across through Divine Intervention. Writers Blompkamp and Terri Tatchell manage to find the humanity within the alien refugees while telling a tale about the inhumanity of man.
  • alg_district_9- Shot as a documentary, District 9 sucks you in instantly as it documents the job of Wikus Van De Merwe (portrayed awe inspiringly by Sharlto Copley) to go through the alien ghetto and evict all of the aliens housed within it. The acting, not only by Copley but by the entire cast of unknown actors to the American movie goers, is on point contributing to the realistic feeling of the movie.
  • - As good as the acting is and as strong as the script is for this movie to work as well as it does, the only way this train leaves the station is through the visual effects. The aliens in this film are among the best aliens ever placed on film.
  • - Action packed, almost frantic pace throughout the film. Makes the two hours pass by in the blink of an eye.

The Not So Good

  • - There is not too much to complain about with this one. But before I drown in superlatives trying to get across how close to perfect this flick is... a warning.

In the theater where I watched this movie, a few couples walked out early during the movie.  I assume it was due to the graphic content of the movie, as they all had smallish children with them, and they started clearing out shortly after the first of many humans was vaporized.  So be warned... District 9 is not for the faint of heart.

The Verdict

district-9-trailerIn a summer of dubs and misses, District 9 is as close as a film can come to being perfect.  Uniquely shot, beautifully written, and ripe with the latest in computer generated graphics- District 9 offers something for everyone, be you the type that likes your film to makea statement while entertaining or the type that just wants to watch things (and people) get blowed up real good.  This if a solid five flusher... Get your silly ass into a theater as soon as you can cause if you don't all of your friends are going to clown you for it.


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