Reveiw: Inglourious Basterds


inglourious-basterds-movie-posterTen years ago, the cine-philes were all a twitter on the rumors of this amazing World War II revenge fantasy epic penned by Quinton Tarrentino.  But ten years ago was a long time ago, back when Tarrentino was still thought of as avant-garde and artsy rather than coked up and washed out.  But that's what happens when you make a two film homage to slaughter house kung fu flicks that most people didn't get, followed up by a four hour send up to grind house flicks by making a four hour one with your friend Robert Rodriguez (though to be fair to Tarrentino, Death Proof was pretty good...)

Brad Pitt as Lt. Aldo RaineEager to redeem himself and to make his rumored vision a reality, Quinton Tarrentino presents us with Inglorious Basterds, a film starring Brad Pitt and German actor Christoph Waltz, about a crack unit of American soldiers sent into occupied France to kill Nazis at all costs.

So how does Inglourious Basterds measure up?  Let's take a look...

The Good

  • - The script is amazing. The dialogue is snappy and on point, guiding along a, original story that is engaging. The film is also terribly funny, as it plays out Quinton's twisted dream as straight as humanly possible, which amps up the hilarity.
  • Christoph Waltz in Ingloourious Basterds- Brad Pitt is solid as Lt. Aldo Raine, the hillbilly leader of the Basterds who so comically in the promos for the film commands of his men "100 Nat-zi scalps..." (And he will git his scalps...), but the true joy in this film is the performance of German actor Christoph Waltz, who is spellbinding as SS officer Col. Hans Landa. Endearing, comical, and utterly blood chilling, Waltz steals the movie in not one but three languages (including English with a delightfully whimsical accent).
  • - Bonus Points awarded for some of the finest racial humor these ears have heard in a long time. Also for the eye popping preview for James Cameron's Avatar, which looks amazing.


The Not So Good


  • - Not too much about this movie to complain about, but if I was to say anything it would be that at just a C hair over two hours and a half, the flick gets bogged down at times while Tarrentino does a few laps in Lake Him. But other than the movie Tarrentino-ing it up (which is expected going into a Quinton Tarrentino movie), the film is damn near flawless.

The Verdict

Inglourious Basterds, a fantasy World War II rompFor the second week in a row, we have gone to a movie which didn't suck at all, which considering the large piles of shit we had to sit through this past summer is coming along as a welcome relief.  This flick is for the most part, though not perfect.  It loses a little luster due to the length (clocked in at two hours and thirty two minutes) and because it "Tarrentinos it up" (which, to be truthful, to some of you might be a positive).  But beyond all that, this is a solid four and half flusher...  Just a damn good movie.


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