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the-goods-poster-debutJeremy Piven gets the chance to carry a film in The Goods: Live hard, Sell hard, a film about the world's greatest car salesmen and his pack of mildly insane cronies (brought to us by the people who brought us Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby).Having made his career as a consummate character actor and supporting actor, Piven gets a shot to take the lead.  But can his patented douche bagginess be enough to keep an audience entertained?

Piven stars as Don "the Goods" Ready and he sells cars (motherfucker), a car selling "gun for hire" struggling to find his fast ball again.  Along with his crew of the wildest salesmen in the world, he agrees to save a car dealership from becoming the rehearsal space for a "man band" (which is a by band but with men in it). 

So does The Goods have it?  Let's have a gander...

98248_jeremy-piven-makes-a-fashionable-entrance-for-a-screening-of-the-goods-live-hard-sell-hard-in-nashville-on-july-13-2009The Good:

  • - Jeremy Piven is a douche bag... but for some god damned reason his douche baggery is not only entertaining but very watchable. Ed Helms is also enjoyable as Man Band star Paxton- fiancé of Piven's love interest in the film.
  • - An hour and a half running time makes the pain go by a little

thegoodsThe Not So Good:

  • - This movie flows awkwardly as it funnels one disjointed gag after another. The gags come at the audience fast and furious. Some of them hit and hit rather hard. But then there are the ones that miss... and boy oh fucking boy do they ever miss at times.
  • - As watchable as Piven and Helms are, this movie is a hard watch. There are some funny moments (very funny moments at that), but there are also huge chunks of time between those funny moments where you have to watch a not good movie try very hard to make you chuckle.

The Verdict:

The Goods is basically a ninety minute collection of loosely related skits about a group of car salesmen.  Sometimes the movie is very funny... the rest of the time it is not.  This movie is a generous two flusher; A solid enough movie to burn a lazy Saturday afternoon on should you find it on cable, but not worth checking out in the theaters..   Should you find yourself forced to watch it, pot helps...


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