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gamerAfter his performance in 300, the world thought they had found their new action hero in Gerard Butler.  But after a series of poorly picked romantic "comedies" (as well as that God awful flick where he left love notes for his hermaphrodite lover Hillary Swank to find every time she was about to get over him and move on with her life), Butler is back with a weapon in his hand and war within his heart.

300_movie_image_gerard_butlerIn Gamer, Butler stars as Kable, the human pawn inside of a futuristic interactive video game where the player takes control of a real person in the ultimate shooter game.   Michael C. Hall and Ludacris round out the star studded cast.

With its familiar plot (The Running Man, Death Race), it is going to be hard for Gamer to stand out.  How does it fair???

The Good:

  • gamer02- Gerard Butler is back to kicking ass, and that is what we like to see. The action scenes are impressive. The film is also shot in such a manner to make it feel very much like a video game, with frantic camera angles and stylized destruction.
  • - While the concept of criminals getting involved in one sided death games which offer them the chance for freedom so long as they kill for entertainment is not necessarily a new or unique one, Gamer manages to carve out their own niche in it as this story unravels- not just pointing out the extreme evolution of our violent entertainment, b t also asking us how far these totally immersive video going to go to wow us.

The Not So Good:

  • - The film intends to convey a feeling of franticness and does so successfully... but does so at at times at the expense of the viewer, making it easy for a viewer to get lost among the explosions.
  • - The plot gets muddled from time to time, bogged down in its own complexities and trying to explain them to the viewer.

The Verdict:

Visually impressive and overly complex, Gamer  has all the making of a great summer action flicks but never manages to get out of its way long enough to fulfill its destiny.  This is a three flusher- catch it if you can as a matinee (as the action scenes do deserve to be seen on a grand scale) or on DVD later... just don't pay full price for it.


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