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zombieland-greyedposter-medsizeThe struggle in picking a movie to go see with your broad is always a bit of a challenge.  You want to see something with blood and guts, maybe a sex scene or two for no really good reason... she wants to see something awful with Jennnifer Aniston in it.  But every now and again, a movie comes out that will appeal to the masses... Violence and cursing for the men with a sweet love story at its core for the ladies to dig on; Chick flicks with balls, if you will. 

Zombieland is just such a movie. 

zl-castThe premise behind Zombieland is simple: Two men find a way to survive in a zombie infested world.  The film stars Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus, a neurotic former college student who created his own rules for Zombieland survival, and Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee, Columbus' banjo wielding, zombie killing badass counterpart (it also stars the chick Jonah Hill wanted to fuck in Superbad, as well as the fat girl from Little Miss Sunshine.)  Part road movie, part slap stick, part chick flick, and part zombie horror- Zombieland walks a tight line.  Any slight variation to any one part and this whole movie falls flat on its face.  So how does Zombieland pull it off???  Let's a take a look...

The Good...

  • - The cast is perfect. Eisenberg does an even better Michael Cera than Michael Cera has been doing lately, and Woody Harrelson is amazing as Tallahassee, a man who really enjoys killing zombies. Also, there is a very special celebrity cameo in the film.
  • - The movie moves along very well. With a running time of just 81 minutes, Zombieland manages to get a lot it... and does so without seeming rushed or crammed together.
  • zombieland movie image woody harrelson jesse eisenberg 1- Zombieland is unrelentingly funny, bombarding the audience with zingers, slap stick, and Woody Harrelson's unusual weapon choices for zombie dispatching. And speaking of zombie dispatching... Watching Woody kill zombies in funny ways never gets old.
  • - The movie uses the preferred zombie theory of biological infection (rather than the dated voodoo spell of the legions of the walking undead), as well as making them running zombies.

The Not So Good...

  • - Not much to complain about with this flick. It ain't flawless, but it is pretty damned close.

The Verdict...

zombieland01Zombieland is as close to perfect as a movie has come.  But don't misread this.  Is the film damn near perfect?  Yes... but in the sense that for the 81 minutes that it is on, you will be entertained (even if you are not a zombie movie fan).  But it is not The Godfather or anything. 

But it is a flick you can take a date to and not have to worry about the other person not enjoying themselves, as- believe it or not- zombies have become mainstream...

We give this movie a very solid four and a half flushes.  Make sure you go see it this weekend.


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