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law_abiding_citizenJamie Fox and Gerard Butler star in Law Abiding Citizen, a fast passed action thriller directed by F. Gary Gray.  Butler stars as "Clyde", a man craving justice for the rape and murder of his wife and daughter (which I might add he witnesses).  Jamie Fox plays Nick rice, the ambitious district attorney who put his conviction percentage ahead of Clyde's quest for justice, putting him in the middle of Clyde's revenge plot.

Fast paced, provocative, and thrilling- Law Abiding Citizen hopes to entertain audiences while teaching a lesson on the flaws of the legal system.  But do Butler's grizzly acts of vengeance and improbable taunts to Jamie Fox hit the mark, or is the suspension of disbelief too much for audiences???  Let's see...

The Good:

  • gerard_jamie_law_abiding- One would think that audiences would be tired of watching Jamie Fox play a smarmy slicky boy who does anything to get ahead and Gerard Butler as playing an idealistic extremist willing to do anything to get his point across. But there is no way that we are not with performances like these. Butler is compelling and ferocious as Clyde, evoking terror yet compassion as the everyman pushed to the extremes and Fox is compelling as his foil. Butler and Fix's chemistry also help move the movie past some of the more improbable scenes.
  • - The plot is extremely entertaining and move along with clever plot twists and a few crative explosions here and there. A very solid action movie that assumes the audience is smart enough to keep up with a complicated plot... which is nice.
  • - Not to sound to crass, but some of the ways "Clyde" chooses to exact his vengeance is rather entertaining.

The Not So Good

  • viola-davis- Viola Davis, cast as "The Mayor". She manages to suck the life out of every scene she finds her way into.
  • - The ending falls a bit flat. Not enough to ruin the movie or anything, but when you see it you will know what we are talking about.

The Verdict

Law Abiding Citizen is an entertaining film.  It has a few "What the fuck" moments and at times certain elements of the story seem rather convenient but not enough to ruin it.  Solid action, a compelling story, and two very strong performances by Fox and Butler (whom I for one am glad has finally stopped ruining his career by making movies where he is leaving his horse faced wife love notes from beyond the grave).

It is a solid 3 and a half flushes.  Worth checking out this week if you are bored or as a matinee over the weekend. 


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