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In what has seemingly become a Halloween tradition, Lionsgate Pictures is treating us to yet another Saw film.  For those of you who have not been paying attention, the Saw franchise is the mainstay of the torture gore trend in horror cinema these days.

In Saw VI, we find ourselves where Saw V left off (and no, we do not mean floundering at the vague attempt at a plot) with Hoffman(Costas Mandylor) continuing the work of John (Tobin Bell), the famed Jigsaw killer who succumbed to cancer in one f the previous flicks (yet has a prominent role in all of them...).  Only this time, he has the police hot on his trail. 

While that vague plot synopsis does little to raise your interest, there is nothing I can say that will talk you into or out of seeing this flick as it is critic proof.  It has it's audience, and out of respect for them, I am not going to say much more about the plot of the film lest I ruin the experience for them (other than you might want to bone up on the previous five; Lots of loose end tying in this one).  So how does Saw VI work?  Let's go to the cards...

The Good:

  • - Saw VI has more of a plot than the previous few flicks have had. It is watchable (granted, if it is your speed... if you are not into the Saw flicks just skip past this), which is a step up from the last one (which sucked balls).
  • saw6trap- The traps are not as impressive as they have been in the past (though mainly cause there are only so many ways to rip a human apart), but despite that there are still plenty of wince worthy moments.
  • - Saw VI actually tries to act as a social commentary on the state of our medical system, which is admirable considering it is a film about a madman ripping apart anyone who he ever thought to be immoral.

The Not So Good:

  • - Saw VI is the sixth installment of a horror franchise. While we stated earlier that the film had a coherent plot, the term "plot" may have been stretchetobin_beld a tad. Not unwatchable... but you really do have to leave the critical part of your brain in the car.
  • - It is becoming increasingly more difficult to believe that there are this many abandoned, dilapidated warehouses, zoos, hospitals, and asylums anywhere in the United States let alone a bustling metropolis like Chicago.
  • - With the exception of Tobin Bell (who by this point has actually become the Jigsaw Killer in real life), the acting in this film is fucking horrific. Thank God you go to these movies to watch these people die. After they chew up a few scenes for you, their deaths will serve as a fitting punishment.

The Verdict:

While poorly acted, held together by the loosest of strings and horrific at times- Saw VI ends up being not half bad.  It does what it promises to do at the onset, putting unlikable people in horrific situations from which they cannot win (and usually end up dying a horrible death).  And it's audience will love this film for it. 

At some point our society will tire of watching people get ripped limb from limb, but until we do- there is little reason to think that this is the year that we have.

This is a generous 2 flushes.  I would tell you to skip it, but odds are if you were going to see this flick there is nothing I could say to talk you out of it.  If you are not into these movies, save your cash... there ain't nothing for you here.


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