New Clash of the Titans Trailer!!!!


clash_of_the_titansAs  a child I used to love watching Clash of the Titans.  Harry Hamlin starring as Perseus and Sir Lawrence Olivier as Zeus heading a cast which included Medusa, "Beast Man" (I am sure he had a real name, but I was like fucking 5, into He-Man, and not particularly good at remembering Greek names so since then he has been Beast Man, sue me), and a host of other famous characters from Greek mythology.  It was my freaking favorite (second only to Star Wars, to be truthful).

kraken-clash-of-the-titansBut loving the 1982 classic only had one drawback... the movie does not hold up.  The effects are awful.  And not your typical dated movie effects awful.  I mean terrible, the monsters actually look like they are made of clay, your explosions look like sparklers, horrific, unwatchable bad.  So bad, in fact, that when I finally did find a copy of the movie on Ebay and put it on to share an important piece of my childhood with beastmanmy children, they laughed at me and asked in they could go do their homework.  We are talking that level of bad.

And despite all of this, when I first heard they are doing a remake of the classic flick,  my blood ran cold.  For me, this was kind of a big deal.  Not remaking Raiders of the Lost Ark big, but big enough. 

Today, a teaser trailer has been released... Why not have a gander (before I tell you what I think...)


Not have bad, right???

Clash-of-the-titans2010Dare I say (dare, dare) rod inducing???

It looked like 300 with gods and monsters.  And it stars Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes (which solidly makes me give this movie at least the benefit of the doubt).  And I have to admit... I was having kind of a shitty day today and this mos def turned my frown upside down.


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