Can Transformers Save GM?


If you are anything like me and love movies based on your favorite childhood memories and bad ass cars, you won't want to miss Transformers 2. The much awaited sequel that could be part of the salvation of the once great General Motors. Who needs a bailout when you can be saved by Autobots.












General Motors has released an exclusive video of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, Directed by Michael Bay. It shows some of the Autobots - including the new Chevy Camaro, Volt, Beat, Trax and the Corvette Centennial Concept. Rumor is that GM opened the doors to their design studio for Michael Bay to choose from. There were so many cars he only picked the best

I think the cars look great and the last Transformers movie boosted GM sales. Can Transformers 2 help the crumbling automaker? Let's hope so. Why? This movie showcases the new Chevy Volt. This is the car that is going to revolutionize the hybrid game and help the United States become free from dependency on foreign oil. I can't wait to see the movie. I also can't wait to see if the Autobots can save the day not just in the movie but in real life. At the end of the day I think Jolt can make a difference.Let's see if America does also.




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