Prince of Persia trailer!!!


prince-of-persia-posterA wise man once said that Ego is the fallacy in which a goose thinks she is a swan. 

Neither of us ever really understood the meaning of that statement fully until while sitting in a movie theater we came across a trailer for a film which looks so horrendous we actually had to make a note to discuss it when we got into the office.  Turns out that the people who got lucky making a theme park attraction into an extremely successful franchise of movies (Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2,and 3)are feeling lucky again...

Quick Hollywood math folks...

What do you get when you take Jake Gyllenhaal and cast him in what looks to be a hack movie based on maybe the most unplayable video game I have ever come across???

Give up?

How about the latest steaming pile from Disney, due out next summer, called Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Check it out...


Horrific, right???

Bad flirty shtick between actors, horrific scenes of the rather effeminate Gyllenhaal sword fighting and leaping about, and what's worse is that it actually looks like it's video game source material (which again, was one of the most convoluted and maddening games I have ever played... it lasted here for exactly an hour before we took it back to the GameStop and traded it in). 

But we are sure we will see how this hot mess works out next May... but just so you know, we are not holding our breath. 


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