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Sherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes is a fictional character created by Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and was first published back in 1887. A brilliant London-based "consulting detective", Holmes is famous for his intellectual prowess and is renowned for his skillful use of astute observation, deductive reasoning and forensic skills to solve difficult cases. Now forget the Sherlock Holmes your grandfather loves and get ready for the modern interpretation in this film.

Let’s start with the director. Guy Ritchie used to make good movies and then he married the succubus that is Madonna. Anything he created has been veritably crap since then. What and it became a sad time for movie fans and he has been trying to redeem himself ever since his divorce. Purists may have a heart attack watching Arthur Conan Doyle's literary world being manhandled into an action packed blockbuster, but here is where Ritchie doesn’t disappoint. Just like many recent superhero remakes this movie is filled with action and special effects, but with Guy Ritchie flair.

The characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson may have been diluted once again from the originals found in the Sherlock Holmes Downey Jrbooks, but now they will be introduced to a new generation. Holmes' use of cocaine is here augmented by other drugs and tons of alcohol. Still it does not seem like his vices can slow him down. Robert Downey Jr.’s Holmes is just like Batman. He is physically fit and can fight with the best of them, but seems just a little crazy. Jude Law’s Watson adds a bit of rationality and saves Holmes when trouble gets the best of him, just as any sidekick should. Like a 19th century buddy cop movie.

The movie starts strong with Holmes and Watson taking on Satanist Lord Blackwood. After his capture Blackwood continues to be the driving force behind the evil ongoing. How does he accomplish this? That is the mystery that needs to be unraveled.

The Good

  • - Special effects recreate a dirty and mysterious 19th Century London. Guy Ritchie does a great job with use of different film speeds to not only recreate the thought processes of Sherlock Holmes but to create some great fight scenes that would have otherwise been boring.
  • - Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law may not be the best interpreters of these iconic roles but they do a great job of making you believe they are the characters they portray. They even make you question if Holmes and Watson were more than just coworkers.
  • - While the movie was a little long it was entertaining and action packed. If you have not seen Avatar then it would be your best choice.


The Not So Good

  • - The movie doesn’t stay true to the original characters in the books. Then what movie really does? Still a darker Sherlock Holmes may have been nice.
  • - There are some moments when you wish the movie was a bit shorter. Especially in the slow parts in between action sequences.
  • - Doesn’t really stand out from any other Hero + Sidekick movie produced. Nothing really new.

Sherlock Holmes Dr Watson


The Verdict

The movie doesn't stay true to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original work but most people won't know. They will be entertained and that was the goal of this movie. If it is successful there will definitely be sequels and hopefully Guy Ritchie can make a comeback.

Our review for Sherlock Holmes is a 3.5 flushes. As entertainment the movie doesn't disappoint. There is action with a hint of comedy. It is money well spent but if you miss it, you won't be dissapointed when you watch the DVD or catch it on cable.


By Gabe Gimenez & Rafa Santayana
The Weekly Constitutional


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