Inception trailer released online!!!!


Many of you out there take the business of show as seriously as I do.  And when The Dark Knight set box offices (let alone the movie going world) on fire, I know I for one had a little bit of a tough time swallowing exactly why Christopher Nolan would not right away sign on to do a third one... even when Warner Bros. backed up a Brinks truck to his door and began to unload big burlap sacks filed with money.

But Nolan was insistent to do little project he had been eyeballing for a few years now; a movie entitled Inception that no one knew anything about. 

Finally though, a trailer has been released for Nolan's new epic, starring Leonardo Dicrappio, Ellen Page, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I inceptionmust admit... the movie looks pretty fucking good.

Granted, I could not tell you a thing about the flick other than in the trailer it appears that DiCrappio is searching for something and that it has something to do with his mind, but I am sure everything will be made clear in the summer of 2010.


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