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copout-posterCop Out is a very important film to Kevin Smith.  For a while now, Kevin Smith has been kind of down and out.  Once "the People's Champion" in Hollywood and the Indy scene darling of the early 90's, smith could seemingly do no wrong.  Beloved y his legions of cult like fans, smith ruled over his kingdom piously.  His dialogue driven films seemed to always have an audience and were always well received by his core fans.  But then, Jersey Girl happened...

kevinsmithSince then, much like a post Chilean earthquake world, Kevin smith's career has seemed a bit wobbly.  Clerks 2 left core fans feeling a bit flat.  Zak and Miri make a Porno, Smith's second attempt to make a film not starring Jay or Silent Bob, also disappointed leaving many to wonder if smith still had whatever it was that he had twenty years ago.

This brings us to Cop Out, the first film ever directed by Smith which he did not write himself.  The movie stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan (though Willis fans should be forewarned... this movie is a Tracy Morgan vehicle which happens to also have Bruce Willis in it) as two New York cops cop-out-20100107041411673_640wwho play by their own rules.  After a series of unfortunate events, the two cops find themselves pursuing a ruthless Mexican gang leader, Po' boy (Guiermo Diaz, from Weeds) out to take over the local drug trade.

Heavily promoted, oozing with star power, and mentioned at nausea every time a news source or a blog would mention Smith's unfortunate being too fat to fly controversy- Cop Out comes into theaters with high expectations.  But can it live up to them is a whole other story...

The Good:

-  Kevin Smith actually shot a good looking movie.  The action scenes looked great, the edits were tight, and it looks like he gave Tracy Morgan (and the rest of the cast for that matter) as much room as he wanted with the material.  I’m hesitant to call it a comeback for the portly Smith, but I do think it is safe to say that he is at the very least heading in the right direction.

-cop_out1 Tracy Morgan is side splitting at times in this film, which is saying something as the border line retard can be rather hit and miss.  Sean William Scott is also very good as a rather irritating cat burglar.  For his part, Bruce Willis brings credibility to the action portions of the film.  Kevin Pollack and Adam Brody should also be noted as bright spots as Willis and Morgan’s interdepartmental competition.

-beverly_hills_cop_iiCop out is an excellent homage to the great action/comedy buddy cop movies of the 80's and 90's (like the Lethal Weapon franchise, 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop series and Tango and Cash).  From the way certain scenes and characters play out to the music which pulses through the film, there is little doubt that this movie was intended to honor those kinds of movies.

The Bad;

- The movie is what it is, so nit picking it to death would be futile.  This flick isn’t going to win any Oscars.  But only a retard would be expecting that.  In truth, Cop Out is a rather enjoyable ride, with laughs a plenty (if you are a fan of Tracy Morgan's style.  If you find his baby talking, border lined retarded shtick in any way annoying; you might want to skip past this one).  But if one was to complain about anything, from time to time the movie seems more interested in making you laugh than it is in advancing its story.  not too too bad a problem to have, considering it succeeds at making you laugh, but it can make following the film a wee bit tedious (which, considering this is as silly a movie as it is, that really shouldn't be the issue )

The Verdict:

We are going to give Cop Out a well deserved 4 out of 5 flushes.  Fun, silly, and packed with enough action and laughs to make it breeze by- Cop Out is a raunchy, hysterical flick.  It's not going to change the world, or has any intention of promoting a social agenda... but if you are looking to enjoy a couple of hours in a dark room (with your clothes on, that is...), then Cop Out is perfect for you. 


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