Top Ten Movies to watch stoned...

3kKUnNIeeqqxe5cmyYW4FU2so1_500You have a fat sack filled with goodness, two hours to kill, and Netflix on demand ready to go...

But what do you watch?

Fear not, glassy eyed worrier... Your buddies at The Weekly Constitutional have got you covered as we bring you "10 flicks you have to watch stoned"...


Ten Flicks to Watch Stoned...

10). Up in Smoke

UpInSmoke_Still_PK_C-5009A stoner classic!  Cheech and Chong’s first effort in film is a timeless tribute to doing nothing.  No stoner’s house is complete without this film somewhere in there.  An absolute must watch!

9). Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The classic tale of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table "retold" as only the Monty Python players could, complete with exploding rabbits, insulting Frenchmen, and a very silly song about Camelot.

8). Pineapple Express

It is fitting that cheifers of note Seth Rogan and James Franco's different take on the stoner comedy made the list.  An action comedy about a stoner and his pot dealer trying to avoid getting killed by hitmen is a worthwhile time killer.  James Franco is outstanding in it.

7). Half Baked

2508200938263Stoners_in_Half_BakedA classic stoner comedy about three potheads trying to raise money to bail their friend (and his sweet virgin ass) out of jail by selling high quality weed. Great cameos, hilarious script, and plenty of smoke break (for those who feel like smoking along).  A definite must see... on weed...

6). Harold & Kumar go to White Castle/... Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Best friends Harold and Kumar love smoking pot (who doesn't???), and both films find that love leading these two on mad capped adventures.  Both films are very enjoyable (and feature a healthy dose of Neil Patrick Harris), so pick either one and enjoy!

5). Three Amigos!

3a_021PianoSteve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short star as three down and out actors pretending to be wealthy Spanish landowners hired by a dusty Mexican town to protect them from El Guapo, a murderous, heartless tyrant. 

Mindless silliness from three guys who used to be real funny.

4) Dazed and Confused

 The misadventures of small town kids blowing off steam on the last day of school, this "period piece" (as it is set in the 1970s) boasts a strong soundtrack, memorable performances, and a strong script.  Give this flick a tumble next time you are not feeling up for something too silly.

3). Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

acevent2Once upon a time, Jim Carrey was a rubber faced madman who crawled out of a rubber rhino's ass naked, united two warring African tribes, and delivered crucial film dialogue out of the crack of his ass (literally).

This sequel to 1994's surprise hit Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, AV: WNC delivers a steady stream of mindless hilarity for 90 minutes.  A can't miss selection!

2). True Romance

Top-Ten-Movie-Stoners-Brad-Pitt-True-Romance-3Kung fu loving, comic book nerd Christian Slater marries hooker with heart of gold Patricia Arquette and runs off with a suitcase full of stolen coke to try and unload it in California with the DEA and the mafia on their trail.  Star studded, well scripted, and at times hysterical, True Romance is a fast paced violent film spawned from the mind of Quentin Tarrantino.

BONUS: Great scene with Brad Pitt taking healthy lungers from a honey bear bong while being interrogated by gun wielding mobsters.

1). The Big Lebowski

BigLebowski-BIGHippie burnout "the Dude" had no idea that waking up to find a couple of thugs pissing on his carpet would have turned out the way that it ends up turning out.  Nihilists, Hollywood's seedy porn underbelly, and John Goodman as an unstable Vietnam Vet all add to the complex cult classic.  Quotable lines, hilarious situations, and a great scene from Sam Elliot make this film the best flick possible to pop in after a couple good hits of that funky green shit.