Might there be a Die Hard 5???

jhnmcnlIn maybe the best entertainment news I have come across (and thus passing along to you) in quite some time, 20th Century Fox is said to have hired a screenwriter to pen the next Die Hard movie.

Die Hard 5, tentatively titled Die Hard 24/7, is being penned by Skip Woods, whose credits include Swordfish, Hitman, Wolverine, and The A-Team­ movie.

While there is no word yet as to what new disaster beleaguered policeman John McClane is going to have to avert, Bruce Willis did drop a little hint on us.

die-hard3While doing press for Cop Out, Willis not only claimed that a new Die Hard would begin filming next year, but that this time "...it’s got to go worldwide.”

Please try to ignore Fonzie in the wings on the water-skis, folks...




Yippee Kay Ey Motherfucker...

live-free-or-die-hardA new Die Hard movie is something I am pretty sure we can all get behind.  The previous four (which after the first rather improbable one kept getting vaster in scope) were all pretty entertaining flicks.

And while I am pretty sure a movie in which John McClane is thwarting the plots of bad guys - even if the plot involves an army of blood thirty stuffed pink teddy bears animated by the Haitian voodoo pchargruberriestess mother of Hans Grubber- would make billions, the idea of supercop John McClane taking his perpetual hangover out on a group of well financed criminals trying to pull off a robbery via global terror plot does sound a bit stretched.

That said I am there opening night to watch a movie featuring John McClane fight a bad case of bleeding hemorrhoids. 

Now cue the music...


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