Little Obama movie trailer!!!

Barack Obama-ASG-021711Wow... we had heard that a movie (very loosely) based on the early part of Pres. Barrack Obama's life was being filmed in Indonesia.

Well, they finally finished it...

And judging from the trailer, it's a fucking hoot…

 Little Obama, directed by Damien Demata (he also wrote the novel the movie is based on), follows a teenage Barrack Obama as he first arrives in Indonesia. We see him bullied, find himself a wise china man, and learns how to be a man.

Its 1938 once more...

little-obama (1)If you sit real quiet, you can hear a conservative somewhere having a heart attack-screaming something about Goebbels and Nazis at his computer with this last dying breath.

I see where he's coming from, what with essentially a cinematic version of the president Obama's life being nothing more than a cheap rip-off of the recent Karate Kid remake.

If this movie had come out of Hollywood I could see the relevance of complaints alleging that a film like this constitutes propaganda.  But it's not American film... it's barely an Indonesian film.

little-obamaIt's an Indonesian made for TV movie telling the admittedly fictitious tale of arguably the most successful person from Indonesia ever. Not one American is going to see this movie. Hell, unless you are one of the tens of people who read this website you have no idea that this movie ever got made.  And if you ever came across it would be nothing more than just another Ching Chong movie that they're selling in Chinatown.