Abrams and Co. talking Star Trek 2...

star_trek_1aLast year's reboot of Star Trek was pretty much universally loved.

Within days after the release of J.J. Abram's sci-fi blockbuster was released, fans- both old and new f the series- started demanding a sequel (let alone the rumored multi picture deal that has been discussed).

While it seems as though at least one more Star Trek movie was always in the plans for these guys, it wasn't until recently that the creative minds behind the project began chirping about it.


In mid-July, Star Trek producer Bryan Burk told Trekmovie.com the following:

“We will be shooting this time next year. Starting early summer or late spring...."

"... Monetarily I can’t talk about anything because there is no script yet. I can tell you as we go into it, that our aspirations are for the movie to be even bigger and better than the first one. I don’t mean that just in scope, I mean content and characters and emotionally. We had a lot of conversations about Batman Begins and how that movie kind of re-invented that franchise, and we looked at what The Dark Knight  did and how that really ramped it up and they went to a different place with that film, and how those two films keep re-inventing themselves and are not the same thing every time. So we have strong ideas of what we want to do and we are hoping that this one is an even bigger film than the last one..."

Very promising indeed!

In a recent interview with a SFX magazine in the UK, Star Trek co-writers Alex Kurtzman ad Roberto Orci and presumed director J.J. Abrams all spoke on the much anticipated sequel(and more importantly, who might we expect to be the thorn in Kirk's side this time).

klingonOrci spoke to the possibility of having Klingons in the sequel, stating:

 "Introducing a new villain in the sequel is tempting because we now have this incredible new sandbox to play in. On the other hand, some fans really want to see Klingons and it’s hard not to listen to that. The trick is not to do something that’s been seen before just because you think it will be a short cut to likeability."

Orci says that what the “characters need” will determine what sort of villain we get this time around, not simply what sounds cool from the outset. Naturally, Kurtzman shares Orci’s sentiments:

"...Starting at a premise of what you want to see and then working a story around it is not how we do it. You have to start with what is the right story. And that if you can say “That’s a story that Khan fits into”, that’s how you get to that. Not deciding on a menu list of items and then seeing if you can’t string them all together..."

Good news so far, right???

Keeping the hard core fans happy while keeping sure not to sell out too much to the powers that be...

jj-abramsAbrams played things a little closer to the vest, stating this on the matter:

 "The universe that Roddenberry created was so vast. And so it’s hard to say there’s one particular thing that stands out as what the sequel must be. Which is on the one hand, a great opportunity. On the other hand it’s the greatest challenge – where do you go? What do you focus on? But I’m incredibly excited about the prospects."





As cool as it would be to bring Kirk's sworn enemy Khan in for the sequel, the odds are very good (in my opinion) that the villains for the coming sequel will be the Klingons.   And for good reason too.


Khan is a classic character.  And while he is beloved by Star Trek fans, there is a real good chance that we- the people- only love him because he was so beautifully portrayed (in maybe the single greatest piece of overacting cinema has ever caught on celluloid) by the great Ricardo Montalban more than we love the actual character of Khan.

Sure, we could cross our fingers and pray for lighting to strike twice; By some stroke of luck find out that Al Pachino has always wanted to sink his nicotine stained teeth into the role of sci-fi super villain or maybe a tidal wave of pleading letters can coax Daniel Day Lewis into donning the plastic chest plate and furry vest ...

But something tells me that the odds are far more likely that Abrams and his cronies might want to boldly go into uncharted territory and really give that whole "Klingons hate us and we hate them" part of the Star Trek mythos a good crack at explaining.


Either way, I know I am going to be there opening night with my pants off so who cares...

Just get it going already!