Safe Home Leslie Nielsen...

leslie_nielsenBeloved comic actor Leslie Nielsen has passed away.

I know what you are thinking... Surely you can't be serious...

Well friends, yes I can... and don't call me Shirley.

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Daniel Day Lewis to play Lincoln... Day Lewis, arguably the finest living actor in the world, has been cast in the role of Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s much talked about bio-pic about the president.

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George Lucas to take more money from fans...

star wars wallpaper 5A well sourced leak came out on Tuesday sending a world full of Star Wars fans into the cold sweats usually reserved for relapsing junkies.

Sources close to George Lucas have indicated that the bearded violator of my beloved childhood memories has expressed real interest in re-re-re-releasing the two sets of Star Wars trilogies (the original Holy Trilogy and the three “meh” prequels) to theaters in 3D.

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Rumors abound about new Star Wars movies...

george-lucasStar Wars and its creator, George Lucas, are again the subjects of internet rumor... rather exciting news to boot.

IESB has been running with a "strong rumor" that George Lucas has again been bit by the creativity bug and that he is again thinking about making a new set of Star Wars movies.

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Abrams and Co. talking Star Trek 2...

star_trek_1aLast year's reboot of Star Trek was pretty much universally loved.

Within days after the release of J.J. Abram's sci-fi blockbuster was released, fans- both old and new f the series- started demanding a sequel (let alone the rumored multi picture deal that has been discussed).

While it seems as though at least one more Star Trek movie was always in the plans for these guys, it wasn't until recently that the creative minds behind the project began chirping about it.

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