82nd Annual Academy Awards nominees...

2007academyawardstatue-thumb-300x363There were a few surprises and populist nods in the announcing of the 82nd annual Academy award nominations today.  Golden Globe winners Avatar, Jeff Bridges, Sandra Bullock were among those which were expected to gain nominations which garnered them.

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Avatar causing depression!!!

jmes-cameronThere are times when I feel good about being an American living in the 21st century… and there are times when I really don’t.  This is one of those times…

In the wake of the Golden Globe victory of James Cameron’s sci fi epic Avatar, I came across a repot by CNN which really made me sad that I actually share the same air as many of these people.  It turns out that there is a truckload of sad sacks out there in fly over country who have become so obsessed with the film (as well as the imaginary planet where the movie takes place, Pandora) that it may have lead them to contemplate killing themselves.

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Review- Daybreakers

For ome reason, vampire flicks are all the fucking rage these days… which would be a good thing under normal circumstances.  But when the preferred version of the monster is a self loathing depressed emo vampire that does not want to drink human blood , the movies get bad real fast.  So when the previews for Daybreakers started showing up, it caught the eye the second you saw it was a vampire film not set in high school.

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Review;Book of Eli

2010 is only fifteen days old and already Hollywood is promising us the first “Must see” of the movie going year with The Book of Eli.  And boy oh boy did they bring out the big guns.  Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman staring together in a post apocalyptic adventure… you’re paying attention now, ain’t you…

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May I give you the Best Picture of 2010???


For a little over a year now, there have been rumors all over the internet of this amazing super action film bring together the biggest and brawniest names in Action/Adventure cinema ever and putting them in one giant, explosion laden film. The Expendables

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