Writer confirmed for Episode VII!!!!

dis-vaderLast week, when the news avalanched onto the internet announcing Disney's acquiring of Lucasfilm and their official greenlighting of Star Wars: Episode VII- set for release in 2015- there was quiet anticipation.

After three dogshit prequels, countless "reimaginings" of the original three (as well as the prequels in their new 3-D forms), fans of the beloved franchise are a little gun-shy about any sort of new Star Wars product.

But Disney seems intent on making sure that they put those concerns at ease…

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The Rock thwarts real crime!!!

rockA gang of London youths almost got the distinct pleasure of going one on one with the Great One, as the Rock- the People’s Champion- put boots to ass to rampant British crime.

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New Dark Knight Rises trailer...

the_dark_knight_rises_by_shokxone_studios-d36zdkbWhile I am trying to avoid any and all previews concerning this summer’s blockbusters (especially The Avengers, which is being bootlegged better by the film company with all the “leaked” footage than it is by the overseas scumbags with their bootlegs), for some reason The Dark Knight Rises has my interest peaked…

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Premium Rush looks awful...

On-premium-Rush-Set-joseph-gordon-levitt-15254905-500-419Admittedly I am not the target demo for Premium Rush.

I imagine that this movie is intended to teenage girls to go flocking to see in droves, perhaps dragging their boyfriend in tow.

And I also realize that it was probably one of those movies that actors are making because they need a paycheck that in a normal market would have never seen the light of day.

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Star Wars theme park opening in Paris...

bad-franceI guess when they were rapping about N's in Paris, Kanye and HOVA meant nerds...

As if you needed more reason to hate the French…

For weeks rumor has been circulating the nerd blogs about a Star Wars themed amusement park going up in Disneyland Paris.

Rumor that now seems to have been confirmed.

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