Iron man 2 Pictures!!!!!


The Nerd World has been all a flutter for the past few days as screen shots from Iron Man 2 have made their way to the internet.  Just a warning to you, fellow true believers, you might want to take off your pants...

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Review: Ninja Assassin


ninja-assassinUsually, the cinematic offerings available over Thanksgiving weekend mark the beginning of the "Holiday Movie Season", flooding screens across America with Award hopeful pap, family friendly nonsense, and heartwarming (or tugging) formulaic dramedies  (drama + comedy, keep up people).

Ninja Assassin is none of these.

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2012 movie posterFor months now, movie theater screens have been predicting it... the coming of the next "great" disaster movie.  Helmed by veteran world destroyer Roland Emmerich, and touting a formidable cast (if you want to view a cast of wash ups led by John Cusack formidable) and mind blowing special effects, 2012 has the makings of box office success as it kicks off the holiday movie going season for 2009.

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Prince of Persia trailer!!!


prince-of-persia-posterA wise man once said that Ego is the fallacy in which a goose thinks she is a swan. 

Neither of us ever really understood the meaning of that statement fully until while sitting in a movie theater we came across a trailer for a film which looks so horrendous we actually had to make a note to discuss it when we got into the office.  Turns out that the people who got lucky making a theme park attraction into an extremely successful franchise of movies (Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2,and 3)are feeling lucky again...

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New Clash of the Titans Trailer!!!!


clash_of_the_titansAs  a child I used to love watching Clash of the Titans.  Harry Hamlin starring as Perseus and Sir Lawrence Olivier as Zeus heading a cast which included Medusa, "Beast Man" (I am sure he had a real name, but I was like fucking 5, into He-Man, and not particularly good at remembering Greek names so since then he has been Beast Man, sue me), and a host of other famous characters from Greek mythology.  It was my freaking favorite (second only to Star Wars, to be truthful).

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