Review: The Fourth Kind


The Fourth Kind wants you to know that it is not your typical sci-fi tale of alien abduction, complete with harrowing escapes and larger than life effects.  Understated, "fact based", and well put together- The Fourth Kind wants to be a different kind of alien movie... one with a unique twist...

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Review-Saw VI


In what has seemingly become a Halloween tradition, Lionsgate Pictures is treating us to yet another Saw film.  For those of you who have not been paying attention, the Saw franchise is the mainstay of the torture gore trend in horror cinema these days.

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Reveiw: Law Abiding Citizen


law_abiding_citizenJamie Fox and Gerard Butler star in Law Abiding Citizen, a fast passed action thriller directed by F. Gary Gray.  Butler stars as "Clyde", a man craving justice for the rape and murder of his wife and daughter (which I might add he witnesses).  Jamie Fox plays Nick rice, the ambitious district attorney who put his conviction percentage ahead of Clyde's quest for justice, putting him in the middle of Clyde's revenge plot.

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The Fourth Kind Trailer!!!!


the_fourth_kind_poster-405x600A horror movie about alien abductions, ancient astronauts, and (from the sounds of the trailer) lots and lots of anal probing...

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Unlikely actor set to fight Predator...


Tpredatorhe Predator has had some fierce opponents in its Hollywood career.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse "the Body" Ventura, Danny Glover, and a poorly conceived pg-13 spin off with the Aliens as their ultimate prey (and the slightly better R rated follow up a few years later).  But the Robert Rodriguez produced reboot/sequel of the franchise will find the greatest hunter in the galaxy will find himself facing off with...

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