Unaired Beastie Boy footage!!!

beastie-boysI’m not going to front and act like I was the biggest Beastie Boy fan out there…

I was aware of their music (as they were one of the bigger acts of their time), had a few of their albums… Hell even had a few songs that I would still say I enjoy listening to when they come up.

But I don’t end up running late for work because I just had to make sure I got some Beasties on my iPod.

That said, these were the most enjoyable few minutes of my day today…

Not sure if it was seeing Dave Chappelle and the young looking Beasties time warping me back ten years to a day when the world was not so bleak, the sound of three men doing they work like no one else ever could, or this fine ganja I happened to be puffing on while this all went down but this video certainly hit the spot.

It is reportedly footage of a never before aired performance by the 90’s hip hop trio on The Chappelle Show.

So turn the volume up, perhaps put fire to some kind should you be so inclined and check out the Beastie Boys…


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