Tupac makes Vatican playlist...


Tupac ShakurPop quiz, Constitutional-philes...

What do Mozart, Muse (the band), and Tupac have in common???

If you answered "All share a spot on Pope Benedict XVI's official Vatican MySpace playlist (as well as subsequent album Alma Mater: Music from the Vatican", then you sir are correct.

Shakur's "Changes" (originally released posthumously on Tupac's 1998 "Greatest Hits" album) speaks to end racial injustice in our society as well as pleading with the listeners to look towards self-improvement instead of a life of violence and crime, both of which would make it an odd but justified pick to be on the Pope's playlist (not to mention that it is just a damn good song).

Tupac shares space on the Vatican's playlist with such noted acts as the Muse (for "Uprising"), Mozart, and a few other classical artists.

According to CNN, the MySpace playlist and Alma Mater record were both compiled by Father Giulio Neroni, artistic director of church publisher St. Paul's Multimedia.

On the MySpace page (where the playlist is featured), there is a description of said playlist:

"This playlist is a perfect mix of classical, world and contemporary music.  The genres are very different from each other, but all these artists share the aim to reach the heart of good minded people."

Now, of course, this is not a complaint about it.  Pac's "Changes" is a damn fine song by one of the 90's finest rappers, and the song's appearance on the Vatican's playlist only goes to further the impact of Shakur's career- allowing the often controversial rapper a chance to be remembered as something more than a gangster rapper who succumbed to his violent life style far too early.


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