What the hell happened to Whitney Houston???

drugs-r-badDrugs are bad kids... they really are...

It has been a long time since we have heard the gift from God that once was the voice of Whitney Houston.  It really has...

whitney-houston-crackFor the better part of a decade, the onetime megastar has been the beaten, cracked out wife of early 90's crooner turned crack head Bobby Brown.  Not the one time entertainment diva who owned the box office as well as Top 40 radio charts.  She sang a version of our nation's anthem so awe inspiring that since then no one has been able to match it.  This woman truly had the voice of an angel.

Here, why not have a listen to her belting out "I will always love you" back in the day. (You don't have to stay for all of it, but it might help...)

See what I am saying???

There is a reason the judges on Idol try and steer the kids from singing Whitney Houston songs.  Once upon a time she could sing.

whitney-houston-sydneystageThis, of course, leads us to her concert on Monday February 22, in Australia where a sweat drenched shell of the pop star stood before a growing number of disappointed fans in the sold out arena and butchered to songs before taking an extended break (and being booed and walked out on).  Check out the video won't you???

What the fuck happened to Whitney Houston's voice???

Apparently her brain wasn't the only thing the crack burnt to a flakey crisp. I know she has gotten older, and that the age, weight gain, and years of maybe not stretching out the ol' pipes like she used to might have kept her from hitting some of the notes she used to crank out with such ease back in the day.  But none of those things would have caused her to get so sloppy with the rest of her performance.  Not saying she's back on the rock, but there is something very wrong with this...


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