Smash it or Stash it: Cypress Hill "Rise Up"

cypresshillAnyone around my age (late twenties to early thirties) knows that two groups- Cypress Hill and Rage Against The Machine- did more than anyone else to blur the lines where hip hop ended and rock n roll began (and don't you dare try and put Limp Bizkit in that rare air with those two super groups.  The only thing Fred Durst tried to blur was the line between corporate sell out and shitty musician...). 

And while RATM burned white hot for a while, issues within the group forced there genre bending act to become Audioslave  (which had its moments, but never really picked up the mantle left by RATM), Cypress Hill got by doing  what breal1they do best- releasing a sick track every year or so for the blunted to chill with.  And their latest sampling is no different.

Featuring Tom Morello, the innovative guitarist responsible for the amazing sounds behind both Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine, "Rise Up" is the title track to Cypress Hill's eighth studio album, due out April 6, 2010. 

So check out the track... truthfully, if this doesn’t get you tapping your toes, I don't know what to tell you...


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