Review: One Day As A Lion

onedayasalion2 Attention all Rage Against The Machine fans! Zach de la Rocha is back with Jon Theodore in One Day As A Lion. Remember when you thought that Rage had jumped the shark with their last album. Then when they broke up you wished they were never gone. Now you can get your fix.

One Day As A Lion is a recorded interaction between Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against The Machine fame and Jon Theodore of the Mars Volta. The duo hails from Los Angeles, California, The sound is familiar to fans of Zach's work and he stays true to his political roots.


They have found a home at Anti Records part of Epitaph Records and they describe the collaboration as " a sonic reflection of the visceral tension between a picturesque fabricated cultural landscape, and the brutal socioeconomic realities it attempts to mask."

"The name taken from the infamous 1970 black and white, captured by legendary Chicano photographer George Rodriguez featuring a center framed tag on a white wall in an unspecified section of Boyle Heights. It reads: ‘It's better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand years as a lamb.' This record is a stripped down attempt to realize this sentiment in sound."

I totally recommend the album as both a Rage Against the Machine fan and a fan of most things on Epitaph Records. The band is rumored to be touring soon and the EP should hold us over until a full album is released. For more info check the bands official site at