"She was a Daaaay Trippah, yea..."

bandLast night, something rather surreal occurred to me.

Late in the evening, half whacked out on mushrooms, I was laying bed crawling through diving headfirst into a Pandora bunny hole.  It started innocently enough, a little Phish to settle down what had been a stellar evening of mind alteration. 

But after a while I heard something that kind of rattled my world.  From my tiny laptop speakers I heard what I believe was James Hetfield, lead singer of Metallica, belting out a strange mixed up version of "Hero of the Day" all mashed up with "Day Tripper".

It kind of blew me away, believing that my ears had been mistaken in what they had heard, the psilocybin finishing its death march throughout my system.  I didn't hate it... not really.  It sounded OK; but believing that the sonic wonder had been nothing more than a hallucination, I disregarded it.

But then today, I was driving along in my car, listening to a replay of the Opie & Anthony Show when I heard the exact mash up of "Hero of the Day" with "Day Tripper".

It was from a band called Beatallica, a Milwaukie based metal band which exclusively plays mash ups of Metallica and Beatles songs. 

Why not check out the video for the song I had thought I had hallucinated:

Not too shabby huh...  these guys actually manage to do a decent impression of Metallica singing Beatles songs.

For more information on the band Beatallica, including tour dates and where to buy merch, check out their website.