Wayback Machine: Ruby Soho

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Our date: 1996

Music has an uncanny ability to take the mind back in time.  It does.  Hear a song you love and be amazed as you are magically whisked away to a time long since gone.  It happens to me every time.  So why don't you join me and take a trip down memory lane.

Set the machine, Boy... today we are targeting the guttural growl of Rancid.

The Soundtrack of My Life


Rancid "Ruby Soho"

1996 was an interesting year for me.  Freshly kicked out of my parent's house, I was depressed and alone.  my friend Rick, I guess sensing that I needed a "pick me up" decided that the two of us should split ten gel tabs and go down to the Guavaween festival (a Marti Gras style street festival in Tampa).  It was certainly an interesting trip...

We got lost on the way there, got beaten bloody and bruised by four huge black guys while we got gas, and Rick decided that to "come out" to me by jamming his tongue down my throat.

Needless to say, it was an interesting ride home.

Here’s Rancid with "Ruby Soho"...


What Do You Think

Gay Marriage....

Our Friends Check Them Out


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