Wayback Machine; The Only Exception

wayback-machine2I understand it is sappy and self indulgent as all hell, but what is the point of having your own website if you can't talk about your life, right?

So for today, I am taking over the Wayback machine segment in order to bring you a very special trip down memory lane...

So Sherman... be careful boy as this is a very tricky maneuver indeed... set the date for the year 2058... The target: Paramore...

The Soundtrack of My Life


Paramore "The Only Exception"

We don't look back at me this time Sherman but ahead to the future.  There is an old woman sitting in a chair.  She smiles and asks her white maid (as the white devil, by this point, will be relegated to a minority status and forced to do the most menial of labor) to turn the volume up.  She smiles as the sweet melody takes her back to day forty eight years gone by when she and a boy first danced to that song. 

There were many ups and downs for her and that boy, from that first dance til then. But she never regretted it, no not one little bit. 

Here's Paramore with "The Only Exception"...


What Do You Think

Gay Marriage....

Our Friends Check Them Out


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