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Smash it or Stash it: Looking for Ya

outkastThere is little doubt in the fact that- when not fighting among themselves over which one of them is weirder- Outkast is one of the best musical groups of all time.

But it has been a minute since these two Atlanta based hip hop geniuses have graced out ears with anything new.

Sure- people who are smart enough to have been following Big Boi on Twitter got themselves a "funk fix" when Big Boi dropped "Fo' Your Sorrows" on them.  But as for a song featuring both Big and Andre 3000... It has been a while.

But at last, the long wait is over...

From Big Boi's upcoming Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty, featuring Andre 3000 with "Looking for Ya"...


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