Xmas Songs: Feliz Navidad...

mexican-santaThe holidays is more than just being with those closest to you and spreading good cheer and a few brightly wrapped tokens of affection.
It's about fellowship between men and Peace on Earth and all that feel good hippie shit that seems to be on everyone's lips from about midway through Thanksgiving supper until roughly January 4, when the vacations and holiday parties end and our real lives begin.
But before we get too far away from this feeling of commonality with one another, let's hold hands together as brothers and sing a loving carol. Feliz Navidad from El Constitutional Periodico.

Feliz Navidad

felicianoAnyone watching the news or reading the newspaper anywhere in the United States is totally aware that our nation has been completely saturated with illegal laborers from Mexico. While it would be easy to stand up on the soap box that we like to use from time to time and pontificate on how American jobs and ever scarifying American treasure is being funneled out through our very porous southern border by a mongrel breed of subhumans only to be exchanged with the horrors of crime, social unrest, and the realities of being undercut in the job market (for certain industries anyway) by illegals willing to do twice as much labor for a fraction of pay, I feel it is important for us to remember our brown skinned brothers during this holiday season... especially when-looking at demographic numbers provided by the most recent census- it won't be long before Hispanic is the dominant culture of the United States.

Feliz Navidad a is hermanos latinos y prospero ano nuevo...

Here "Feliz Navidad" by Jose Feliciano.