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MM115It amazes me sometimes just how the human mind works…

How just the slightest word or phrase utterance can trigger a subconscious memory whisking you away deep into the ether of your deep recessed memories.

Today such a thing happened while having a conversation with my wife.

Wham! Bam!


To be truthful I really have no idea exactly as to what the exact context was of the utterance; I was busy watching Community and to be truthful was not quite listening as attentively as I should (especially since I was agreeing to things at the time I believe).

But at some point she uttered the words “Wham Bam…”

For whatever reason, those two words whisked my mind off to roughly 1984.  There I was, just little fella, watching MTV with my aunt.  She had me singing and dancing with her to her favorite song at the time, “Wham! Rap” by a group of young leather clad limey upstarts going by the name WHAM!

Check the video out, won’t you???

The amazing thing about this video is that a decade later, the very hearts that fell in love with George Michael’s beautiful face because of it would eventually be stunned (and some genuinely heartbroken)to learn that the man who sang to them about the grand time he had with the boy he met down along the line was arrested for blowing some random slob behind a bush in England.  


From do-no-wrong sexual god (you have to remember-or know if you were too young to experience this- at the time it wasn’t as socially acceptable to be gay as it is currently.  George Michael’s discovered homosexuality killed his career.  This is especially troubling because this same society that rejected Michael’s insatiable lust for head ruined his career while Michael Jackson’s similar lust (only it involved twelve year old cancer patients and child actors as opposed to random men that ol’ GM could have done so much better than) didn’t even slow him down.


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