Kim Kardashian's new "Jam"...

kim-sings_472x741God damn... that freaking groundhog was not kidding... winter has officially ended as Kim Kardashian has dropped maybe the finest summer song I have ever heard i my life.
A song so ahead of its time that upon hearing it, Lady Gaga threw her piano in the trash and started updating her resume...

A song so game changing that when he heard a rough cut- not even the final mix- of the song Jack White turned to Meg and said "well fuck it... game over..."

A song so powerful that when i first heard it i wanted to pour hot wax into my ear to make sure last things i would ever hear the seraph voiced Kardashian only to be talked out of it by my wife when she reminded me that if I did then I wouldn't be able to hear the song again.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you "Jam (Turn it up)"!!!!

Turn me up..turn me up...turn me turn me up...

This song reminds me of the Bill & Ted movies, only instead of a shitty metal band writing the songs that makes all the nations of the world beat their swords into plows it is the musical stylings of one Kim Kardashian.

And here we thought all that big assed temptress would ever be known for producing was a video where she let Ray Jay piss on her.


But after hearing this song... I don't know about the rest of you but i am hearing the beginnings of an amazing pop career.

ryan-seacrest-and-kim-kardashianThe looks... the sounds... the awe inspiring talent...all being brought together into a stew of audio perfection by master producer and member of the "Golden Ear" club- Ryan Seacrest.

The succes story writes itself...

It's a summer of love people... be sure to turn it up.


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