The 30 Day Music Challenge...

7-200Lately, I have noticed more and more of my friends have been doing something called "the 30 day song challenge".

The point of the exercise is to let your friends get to know you a little better (not to mention turning on an ear or two to music they might not have otherwise have heard) through your responses to some questions using songs.

It seemed like fun to me… right up until when I looked into doing so myself.

All the lists I found had questions I thought to be tired. I mean who really wants yet another subjective response to such thought provoking queries as "favorite song", "worst song ever", and- my personal favorite- "guilty pleasure song" (because at the age of thirty plus, the only thing I have to be ashamed of is my deep and true ekelly-clarkson-call-menjoyment of the song stylings of Kelly Clarkson... not that I always pee my boxers a little cause I believe a gasket has worn out in my wiener or that I shit my pants once due to traffic... Kelly Clarkson...).

Being a person who always looked for opportunity were once there was none, I decided to rewrite most of the questions in the song challenge and share it with you, the great readers of The Weekly Constitutional (as well as you poor bastards who were lucky enough to have Stumbled here...). Also, and only because we know him to be an egotistical ass who wants nothing more than to be given the chance to do a few laps in Lake Him, the great Thom Acee will be doing the 30 on our Facebook (so be sure to follow... the links down there on the left...).




The 30 (31 on those slightly longer months...)

1- One of your favorite songs of all time
2- Great band that inadvertently ruined everything.
3- Song your parents turned you on to that made you realize they were once cool.
4- Song you tell people describes you.
5- Song that fires up the "Way Back Machine".
6- Song that makes you happy
7- Song that makes you sad
8- Song that reminds you of drug use
9- Song you played to death
10- Song you wish you didn’t like as much as you do…
11- Song you know the words to.
12- Song currently stuck in your head...
13- Song for war
14- Your “go to” slow jam

15- Song of inspiration
16- Drinking songs
17- Song you have debated ending a friendship over
18- First concert you ever saw 
19- Favorite cover
20- Song you like that no one would peg you for liking.
21- Song your broad likes that you will deal with
22- Song you think the world should be more aware of.
23- The first music you ever bought..
24- The first song you and your first significant other claimed as “your song”
25- Song you had your first slow dance to.  
26- Song you sing in the shower…
27- You know how I know you are gay...
28- Song you like ironically
29- Song from your most embarrassing phase of your life.
30- Oddest memory attributed to a song.

(Should you be doing this for a legit month and that said month has 31 days, feel free to double up one of the questions.  I personally like “favorite covers” but do what you will…)


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