Day One: Favorite Song

rancid-30-dayI know when this gimmick was sold to you,  it was sold on the basis that none of us could see yet another list toting subjective "greatest song ever" claims through out its contents.

And in all honesty I really had hoped to not have such a hack question open up this bit for us...But there really is no better way to start such a project other than by asking what the subjects favorite song is (If not for all time then at the very least at this current moment in time). It sets a nice tone for the coming list, gives you an idea of where the tastes are coming from, and (hopefully) leaves you with a general sense of excitement, looking forward to the coming selections.

Here's to hoping this little ditty does...

life-wont-waitOff of Rancid's 1998 Life Won't Wait cd, “Cash, Culture, and Violence”, features the vocal stylings of the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones frontman and The Jimmy Kimmel Show announcer Dickie Barret and very danceable beat (not to mention the warbled vocals of Tim Armstrong), making it an excellent tune to ride out the remaining days of the summer.

How I picked the song wasn't as simple as just opening my iTunes and checking out my most played list.  Nope, the process was far nerdier and sadder...

See, I fancy myself a bit of a mixtape genius and (because of some self-deluded belief I have about mix tapes being works of art when done properly) I happened to have some of my more beloved mixes hanging out on my iTunes.  I went through the lists (19 in all) and saw which song I tended to use the most in the records, feeling that the constant appearance of the track on my mixes would imply some sort of gravitation due to favoritism.


So, without further ado, here’s “Cash, Culture, and Violence” from Rancid.