Day 7: Song that makes you sad...

lady-gagaJust as music was born in order to express happiness, so too did music eventually evolve into an equally effective and efficient way to express sorrow.

From bemoaning a broken heart to crying out to right the wrongs of the world around us, music as an expression of dissatisfaction seems just as natural and just as “right” as it does to use it as an expression of joy.

When done right, a song can cut one right down to the core; striking right into the depths of your soul and leaving there the pain and anguish the author intended to make you feel. A cathartic exercise for both the singer-songwriter and the listener, letting the healthy expression of emotional energy go forth into the universe (as opposed to keep that shit bottled in, eventually tying you in knots).

Lady-Gaga-The-Edge-Of-Glory-VIDEO-500x333_largeAgain, it is a great- though personal- question to ask… though it does leave a little to be interpreted.

The broken heart? The childhood scars? Weepy because of friends and family no longer with us???

All good reasons, but- upon a little thought- I decided that for a song to be sad, it would have to be sad in and of itself.

Any song could be sad because of a personal memory attached to it… Why just a few questions back, I told you guys about how whenever I hear the very upbeat and poppy “Step By Step” by the New Kids on the Block I flash right back to my 8th grade boy-girl social where I was dumped by a closeted lesbian’s parents in front of my friends. Sad and gut wrenching for me, sure… but to my friends and family, it is “must play” at whatever bar we happen to be enjoying a few drinks at.

So because of that, I feel that the songs had to be sad not because of anything I am transposing onto the song… but because the songwriter wants to communicate those emotions to me.

The Edge


While the question seems fairly straightforward, my answer might be a little different.

Despite the piles of songs concerning rapes, murders false imprisonments, and the deaths of countless mothers, fathers, and kin folk- it ended up that the song I chose was an unlikely one…

Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”… In particular, the version that she performed while visiting with Howard Stern.

It was touching, her playing this song raw-only her voice and a piano- just minutes after telling Stern and his legion of listeners how this song was born upon the death of her grandfather (his “…edge of glory” as Gaga so put it to Stern).

So give it a listen… Day &: Songs that makes me



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