Day 11:Song you know all the words to...

blind-melon-hoonAt first glance, the idea of coming up with a song I knew all the words to seemed like an easy one… I knew the words to a whole bunch of songs and proceeded to waste the next few hours bouncing around my iPod aimlessly annoying the shit out of my wife and infant daughter with my sometimes flat renditions of songs that I felt would inspire the loves of my lives to fawn over me like some sort of Italian tenor.

But then the moon of my night, while wiping down a shit covered fanny, asked me a question that ruined the next four hours of my day…

“Are you sure those are the words to that song?”

“Ummm.. yea…”

I had been skanking around our home, newborn being swung hither and yon, singing along to Rancid’s “Hooligans”.

See, for years I would be singing along to that song for the most part catching every word. But, when it came to the hook (which is sung “Well all the hooligans and rude boys know one thing for sure/ Scars been stricken on their face…”) I had been singing “Well Hooligans and rude boys know one thing fa’ sure/ ska bands warble warble warble (warble is the only way I could textually transcribe the muttered mess of word sounds that I manage to croak out in my best Tim Armstrong warble set to the song’s rhythm).

She was right. Those were most certainly not the words to that song… or any song for that matter…

They were not even words.

And yet if you were to put the life of my child on my ability to belt ot that tune in some sort of fucked up Running Man styled reality show, I would have confidently dispatched her to the Great Beyond because I really didn’t know the words to that tune.

Or to quite a few tunes that prior to this deep examination of memory I would have more than eagerly thought otherwise (including such classics as “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Timebomb”, “People of the Sun”, and “Linoleum”).

But then, after four passes through the song with my ever supportive wife looking on, making sure to go word for freaking word… inflection for inflection… in order to make sure that I did in fact know ever single word to this apparently timeless track.

So here it is… the 73rd song down on a list of songs I would have otherwise sworn I knew all the words to…Blind.Melon-band-1992

Blind Melon’s “Galaxie”…


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