Did Lil Wayne sell his soul for rock n' roll???

Lil-Wayne-Wallpapers-2011-3Like many hip hop aficionados, I am sure you have found yourself tapping your toes to whatever the latest auto-tuned musical monstrosity Lil Wayne shat out for all of our auditory pleasures wondering exactly what this man had to do to convince all of us that this nonsense is good…

Well, it turns out the answer is as cliché as it could be…

It just cost him his soul.

Here’s a story ‘bout a nigga named Weezy…

While driving home from the golf course with my brother, a Lil Wayne song happened to come on the radio that I kind of like (“I Get Money”). I turned up the volume and started slouching in my chair (Because when I listen to rap, I pretend I am on my way to a drive by…).

Never one to turn up his nose to a tight beat and a decent flow, my brother was taken by the song and asked who the artist was and- upon hearing the name of Weezy- changed his opinion on the song. He then proceeded to inform me that he had heard that Lil Wayne had sold his soul to the devil in order to garner the success that he has and because of that he (my brother) refused to listen to his demon penned hits.

Upon returning home from the outing, I decided to do a little research into these rumors my brother had shared with me.

There were some silly claims that Wayne had sold his soul, but nothing more substantial that folks who were not fans of his work using the demonic possession angle to explain how someone of such obviously lacking talents managed to garner the level of success that he managed to achieve.

But then I came across this bit from Creepy Pasta

demon.jpg.w560h420In his entry, Creepy alleges that a source close to the Yong Money leader gave him all the dirt on the whole “Lil Wayne selling his soul to Satan” nonsense after a brief (and strange) encounter he had with the rising musical star.

He claims:

When I was introduced to him by the bodyguards, he was sitting down reading his Bible. He got up and greeted me and he introduced me to the rest of the Young Money group. Drake shook my hand then walked out of sight. Nicki Minaj gave me a hug and I won’t lie, I wish that hug lasted forever. After shaking the rest of the group's hands and chatting briefly with Tyga, I sat down to talk with Lil Wayne. We discussed religion and our faith(for those who don't know Lil Wayne is a practicing Christian), the background stories behind his songs(the song” Lollipop” was actually a dare by one of the song's producers, Jim Jonsin, to make a song about blow jobs to jokingly release as a single), and our lives.


I was impressed by how intelligent this man really is, he’s had a rough life growing up in the Hollygrove area of New Orleans and he says he’s blessed to have a career as successful as his. I decided after about 30 minutes of chatting to bring up “I Feel Like Dying”. As I brought it up, his face went from happy and cheerful to just drained of its color, like if something terrified him. As we talked about the song, he had told me he was in a hard time in his life when he wrote the song, that without drugs he felt like he would die, and then he tried to change the subject. When I asked about the rumors of a hidden message in the song, he became visibly furious and denied that there was a hidden message. When I told him I had sources saying otherwise, he was now in the point of tears and told me to get the fuck out. As security was escorting me out, I managed to catch a glimpse of him clutching his Bible and chanting Bible verses over and over again.

satan picWe will get back to the allegations in a moment, but before we get too sidetracked it is important for you to familiarize yourself with the subjects at hand... namely the “I Feel Like Dying” song.  Released in 2007 off of one of his many mix tapes, “I Feel Like Dying” is a song where Weezy speaks openly and freely about his drug abuse.

If you haven’t enjoyed this audio delight, give it a minute (it’s actually not a bad track…):




It’s not bad- a trippy, obviously drug influenced love song written by Wayne (a known drug user who is known for smoking seemingly endless blunts and sipping from bottomless goblets of Sizzurp [a potent mix of grape flavored codeine syrup and either champagne or Red Bull]). For the record, Lil Wayne has acknowledged that the song is about his drug use and abuse and that he did not remember exactly how or when he recorded the song (alleging he was high as a kite when the recording was made).


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