Day 3: First song that made my parents cool...

jethro_tullThere really was not a whole lot of "COOLNESS" oozing out of my parent's home stereo.

Granted, most of the time that it spent on it was belting out some god awful Spanish pop disco track or some hideous American disco track.

And for whatever reason, my father got lumped into having the same shitty musical taste as my mother.

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Day 2: Band that ruined everything...

rageOur second day of counting down the hits (as I hear them anyways) has us pondering an interesting question...

It would be easy for this list to ask of the name of the song I felt was "the worst song ever" or “worst band ever”.  But it’s a knee jerk question in which the response has less to do with any good, thought out reason and more to do with your taste at the time.

And besides that, it has been done to fucking death.

So instead of telling you that, the Challenge is asking for something kind of thought provoking...

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The 30 Day Music Challenge...

7-200Lately, I have noticed more and more of my friends have been doing something called "the 30 day song challenge".

The point of the exercise is to let your friends get to know you a little better (not to mention turning on an ear or two to music they might not have otherwise have heard) through your responses to some questions using songs.

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Day One: Favorite Song

rancid-30-dayI know when this gimmick was sold to you,  it was sold on the basis that none of us could see yet another list toting subjective "greatest song ever" claims through out its contents.

And in all honesty I really had hoped to not have such a hack question open up this bit for us...But there really is no better way to start such a project other than by asking what the subjects favorite song is (If not for all time then at the very least at this current moment in time). It sets a nice tone for the coming list, gives you an idea of where the tastes are coming from, and (hopefully) leaves you with a general sense of excitement, looking forward to the coming selections.

Here's to hoping this little ditty does...

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Happy Elvis Death Day everybody...


elvis_presleyAs many of you may know, August 16 2011 marks the thirtieth forth anniversary of the death of Elvis Aron Presley.  To many he is the King of Rock n' Roll... the embodiment of the American dream; a poor boy from Tupelo, Mississippi grown up to become the single highest taxpaying American in 1973 (true fact, by the way).  To others, Elvis is a tragic figure... a charismatic and talented soul driven mad by his own paranoia and distrust and into the arms of gluttony and drug abuse by the cheers and cajolling of parasitic lackeys.  To me, Elvis is a majikal creature... a true star in every sense of the word.  Awesomely talented and larger than life, no onther artists prior nor since (don't even dare mention that child raping former son in law in this arguement... E would have never stood for such a union and nor will I) has come close to earning the covetted title only Elvlis called his one... "KING".   


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