Weird Al Vs. Lady Gaga (or I have too much free time)

al-yankovicIt seems fitting to me in some cosmic way that on the unofficial Marijuana Smoker’s holiday I spent damn near all of it burning real calories trying to wrap my mind around this whole Lady Gaga/”Weird” Al Yankovic hullabaloo over a parody the legendary funny man had put together.

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Layne Staley RIP

layne_staley2A great musician passed on this day...

And no, it wasn't Kurt "Waaaah... my tummy hurts and millions love my art" Cobain...

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Foo Fighters: "White Limo"

lemmyThere are three reasons why you need to stop whatever it is you are doing for the next three minutes and thirty five seconds and check this video out:

1). It’s easily better than any other modern rock song getting any airplay on the radio.

2). It features Lemmy smoking and drinking while driving a white limo.

3). It will forever end the debate over whether or not Courtney Love(allegedly) killed the genius and talent behind Nirvana.

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Too fat to be pop...

2014_rosie_the_riveter_flexing_her_arm_muscles_we_can_do_itThis website gets a lot of shit for being misogynistic.

And, to be fair, for the most part we earned that reputation...

but today’s the day we start taking it back...

Cause for once the world is not treating the fat ugly girl fairly...


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Kim Kardashian's new "Jam"...

kim-sings_472x741God damn... that freaking groundhog was not kidding... winter has officially ended as Kim Kardashian has dropped maybe the finest summer song I have ever heard i my life.

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