Jersey Shore's Ronnie sings a song poorly...

ronnie-magro-ortiz-arrestedI’m sure in those moments before you close your eyes, you have found yourself wondering exaqctly how Ronnie, from The Jersey Shore, was going to make ends meet once the sun finally sets on America’s favorite Italian stereotypes.

And now we finally have an answer…

It WON’T be in music.

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Unaired Beastie Boy footage!!!

beastie-boysI’m not going to front and act like I was the biggest Beastie Boy fan out there…

I was aware of their music (as they were one of the bigger acts of their time), had a few of their albums… Hell even had a few songs that I would still say I enjoy listening to when they come up.

But I don’t end up running late for work because I just had to make sure I got some Beasties on my iPod.

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How does one remove Van Halen's new "Tattoo"?

van_halen_logoRemember that scene in The Matrix where Mouse was going on and on with Neo about how he feels he may have never before enjoyed Tasty Wheat because- having lived inside of a computer his whole life prior to joining The Resistance- he had only had what a computer told him Tasty Wheat was supposed to taste like and being that computers are incapable of any of the human senses, including taste, the machines would have no idea what Tasty Wheat was supposed to taste like therefore meaning that Mouse too had no idea what Tasty Wheat was supposed to taste like???

Well if this he had been talking about music, the new Van Halen song would be his post-apocalyptic Tasty Wheat

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Nevermind the rythem... where's the subtlety???


Cherry-PieThere once was such a thing as subtlety in a musician’s lyrics…

The poetic dance between coming out and saying what you wanted and the many delicate metaphors and analogies that could mask it from those unintended to decode it.

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Tim Tebow's Fire...

Tim-Tebow-Denver-BroncosI know I can't be alone in saying to myself "nothing would make the anticipation for this weekend's battle between the saintly Denver Broncos and the secular New England Patriots quite like a nice Tim Tebow anthem "...

Well apparently I wasn't alone...

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Gay Marriage....

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