A call to ban high school football...

3-stooges-footballAbout a month ago, I brought to you, loyal reader of these my mindless rambling proclaiming to you that the end of football as we know it is just around the corner.

I preached about how there will eventually come a deafening clamor to remove the game (or horrifically alter it) from high schools, colleges, and recreational leagues as more and more cases showing the game to cause long term, irreparable damage to the brains and bodies of those foolish enough to strap on the helmet and pads and step on to the gridiron begin to pile up.

And I got hate mail for it.

I got called an “alarmist fucktard who wouldn’t know a football from a hemeroid”.

Well, Alarmist fucktard this…

grrrrrrr”Comparing high school football to the gladiator fights of ancient times, Council Rock school board member Patty Sexton has called for banning the sport at the high school level…

Sexton, also a Philadelphia public school teacher, made her comments late at Thursday night’s Council Rock board meeting.

She said continuing the sport at schools funded by the general taxpayer base is inappropriate. It has become too dangerous and carries too much of a risk of lasting effects from injuries, especially concussions, Sexton said.

concussion“It’s no longer appropriate for public institutions to fund gladiators,” she said. “I am very, very concerned about putting these student-athletes in the position of getting a concussion. Football has gotten faster, harder and more dangerous with each passing year. I’m extremely scared we will eventually be sued over injuries suffered in sports.”

It doesn’t make sense for publicly funded educational institutions to continue offering a sport that by its very nature includes physical and often violent contact on every play, Sexton said.”

The woman went on to also go after soccer (due to its use of the head to field the ball), as well as acknowledging that she understands that this is a losing cause but claimed that the change needed to begin somewhere.

Bubble Wrap Generation


And so it begins…

Just ask the few smokers left (the ones you can find, though they are harder and harder to see as we have relegated them to common alley dwellers)…

Once the “Nanny State” gets an idea in that safety conscious mind of its, there’s no stopping until it’s law.

They are doing it to soda.

They are doing it to popcorn.

Think football will be immune?

big-hitIt won’t take much to bring about this Armageddon…

The suburban moms are already increasingly not allowing their sons to go into this sport, claiming to be too dangerous a game to play. All it would take for these bored house frows just dying to have some cause to give them a purpose for existence to get motivated in banning this sport from schools would be a bad enough injury to happen to a player… a key player, not just that team’s “Rudy”… a kid who had real promise to do something with himself (be it with his legs or his brain. Also, and not to inject race into this for no reason, but he would also have to be white as the suburban moms do not put much stake in the loss of black lives they already perceive to be cheaper and expendable.) and Whammo!… just like drunk driving, smoking, soda, candy, carbon emissions, and bullying, politicians will be falling all over themselves to be the first to stand against this, the next great killer of our nation’s future.

And there isn’t a damn thing that the NFL will be able to do about it.

Not in the high schools anyways (too much money left in the college game to have a few bruised brains ruin it)…

And once it is out of the high schools, it is over as the Great American Spectacle.


Within five years, the farm system of “High School” and “College” will stop crapping out cannon fodder for the professional leagues (and with the rising insurance rates that will accompany the discovery/hysteria surrounding the crippling game, recreational leagues will only become pricier and out of reach for the majority of children interested in the sport), all but killing off the ability for the pro league to replenish its ranks.

Within a generation it will become a fringe sport, like mixed martial art and boxing, with only truly devoted fans participating in it away from the rest of us.

So enjoy it while you can America…

Because the Nanny State is coming for it next.


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