Brett favre might not be retired after all...


Coming soon to a Sports Illustrated near you???Another May, another Brett Favre story about how he might not be ready to hang the spikes up just yet.  Turns out that the ol' War Horse might have another year left in him after all.  When we left the Brett Favre saga last, Favre was crying in front of ESPN cameras, weeping, talking about how it might be the end for his career.  He told us he didn't have it anymore.  He told us that he just couldn't throw... at least not like he used to.  But lookie lookie, freshly released from the New York Jets, #4 is startin' to get that itch again.  And once again, the Minnesota Vikings are directly linked to this mess.

ESPN is reporting that Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings are going to be meeting later on this week to see if they can come to an agreement which could put the once nemesis to Viking nation into a horrific purple uniform.  As of yet, neither Bus Cook (Favre's agent) nor the Minnesota Vikings have been willing to comment on the matter, but with the internet a-abuzz with rumors of private jets flying in and out of backward Alabama towns late last week these latest reports by ESPN seem to compute.  Minnesota offensive coordinator Darrell BevellRemember, last season Favre was pushing to get out of Green Bay in order to go to Minnesota to play for his friend, Viking Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.

So where is the soap opera, you ask?  This time around, Favre is just a free agent, and during the off season is when a free agent makes his money.  But there is always some drama buried somewhere in any story, and this one is no different.  See, first of all you have Favre's hatred for the Green Bay Packers.  See, the Packers (and more over Packers General Manager Ted Thompson) tried to humiliate Brett during that circus s last season, and many people close to Favre claim that he has not let it go.  Not in the least.  In fact, during the Senior Bowl an unnamed Jets executive stated that Favre was obsessed with Green Bay and that he had not yet let go of what the Packers had done to him.

But as big a factor as revenge can be for any man, if he is physically unable to perform then there is nothing that can be done.  This brings us to the second dramatic point of this mess in the making: Favre's health.  If you might recall, at the end of last season Brett tore the tendon on his right bicep (his throwing arm).  The tear was significant enough that the Jets doctors recommended that if Brett wanted to play in 2010 then he was going to have to have surgery to repair that problem.  It has even been rumored as to why Favre declared his retirement in the first place.  brett_cryingIn fact, Favre said this when he announced his retirement this past February:

"Physically, if I felt better, we may not be having this conversation, but I think that more than anything the writing on the wall. I finally can't throw the ball like I once threw it."

Between you and I, there is zippie chance that Favre passes up an opportunity to stick it to the Packers for cutting him because he was "too old" and not in their future plans.  Having a decent year with the Jets was alright for the ol' gunslinger, but the chance of going into Lambeau Field and sticking it to Ted Thompson and his former team would just be too much for a man with nothing left to play for but his pride to pass up.  And this move isn't just a win for Favre.  For the cash strapped Vikings, signing a living legend- even if he is limping off into the twilight of his career- means asses in seats.  And for a team which last season was literally just a quarterback away from being a world beater, the chance of getting a Hall of Fame passer under center might be just too much to say no to.  With Tavaris Jackson unable to pass the cold virus without getting intercepted and John Booty not yet ready to fail as the starter for an NFL team, it would be irresponsible for the Vikings to not at least consider giving the old man in Wranglers a shot at the job.  What's the worst thing that could happen?  Even a shitty Brett Favre is an upgrade to the current crop of crap that the Vikings stick under center.

So get ready America... Favre will be back in the NFL this season. 

Oh, just don't be shocked if John Madden comes out of retirement as well...


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