Stan Romanek talks about aliens in his new book...


stan_romanekEveryone, meet Stan Romanek. 

Some of you may remember the first time the American people became exposed to the Denver native, as he became thrust into the mainstream after he released a video he shot on a personal camcorder conveniently by his bed of an alien peeping into the window of his bedroom.  Well, Stan is back again, with his book Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story- a 200 page chronicle of his nine year history with alien abduction.

But as he became a darling of the paranormal world, a hiccup appeared in his giddy-up.  In February of 2009, Romanek failed a lie detector test paid for by Coast to Coat Am with George Noory, striking a massive blow to his hard build credibility.  But Stan soldiered on, claiming that the polygraph exam had been rigged for him to fail, as a University of Colorado student came forward claiming that the administer of the polygraph test had been heard bragging about how he asked leading and repetitive questions.  alien-video-snapshotHe claims that the biased questioning, along with various health conditions had by Romanek would have caused him to have a "false positive", and reminds his public that if is for reasons like this that the results of the polygraph are not admissible in court.

But a court of law and the court of public opinion are two totally different things, and in the eyes of the public Stan Romanek is a whackadoodle out trying to make a name for himself.

equationBut then you have the rest of the story.  Stan claims that the aliens who have been visiting (and reportedly abducting) him also gave him knowledge of things, including authentic equations pertaining to space travel and a planetary diagram he claims pinpoints the exact time of the end of mankind, and that the equations and diagrams are currently blowing the skirts up of the entire scientific community. 

The equations, along with photos, witness statements, lab reports, and other never before released evidence of the visiting aliens to further validate the claims he makes, can be found within the book, which hits shelves on May 21st


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